“Anyone who describes themselves, even casually, as a songwriter would be best served to first check to ensure they actually write songs. The fastest way for an industry pro to determine if you are the songwriter you say you are is to simply ask you how many songs you’ve written. If you can’t answer by saying “oh, hundreds by now,” or “more than I would want to share but I’d be happy to share a selection of the best with you,” then chances are you’ve just tried to mislead someone who could help your career. Pro tip: Don’t mislead the professionals. Would you expect someone you met at a cocktail party to identify as a chef in conversation and then reveal that they had only cooked six meals? Or for a doctor to say that he’s already had all of three patients? More often than not, singers attach the word “songwriter” to their brand identity because they think it beefs up their brand (singer/songwriter), but if you don’t write every day or every week or if you don’t go through prolific creative cycles in which you exit with dozens of songs in hand, then you are not a songwriter (yet) and it is not your brand. Full stop. If your career is to be a singer/songwriter, then work both crafts equally and don’t front. Know thyself.”