“Musician’s often sincerely believe they just need one big break to make their career dreams come true.  I could not disagree more. Nearly every day I speak with at least one artist who is convinced that it’s just one opening tour slot or one prime festival gig, one major music company meeting or one song placement in film or television, one celebrity fan to tweet about them or one feature article in a blog or magazine, and on and on.  Those "one's" are upward spikes on a flat line, not careers, and while any of them may bring about remarkable and instant awareness, the spikes dissipate and lack the connection and consistency to create fans and predictable revenue.  One big break may make one big hit, but it has never once in the history of this industry made a career.  To these musicians who pine for the one big break I say: If you are diligent every day, you will naturally stop holding your breath looking for some imaginary finish line.”