“Despite what some creative professionals do to get attention, the best image (public persona) for an artist isn’t some transparent marketing ploy that will get immediate and explosive media coverage.  Effective imaging for long-term career development emphasizes the true creative self – an artist’s inherent value - and subsequently downplays any distraction from that.”

"Aspiring recording artists should realize that, in this competitive music market, they must somehow meet at least one of three specific criteria if they are to be mass marketed by labels, publishers, agents, and managers:  What's the criteria? You have got to be either the FIRST TO do something, be the BEST AT doing something, or be DIFFERENT FROM everyone else in some way."

"The most important element in a burgeoning artist/manager relationship is time; it takes time to develop trust and to learn how to communicate with one another effectively."

"A healthy artist/artist manager relationship is a symbiotic one.  Each should do for the other what they cannot do for themselves in a business relationship that is not only mutually beneficial but also mutually dependent."

"A successful recording artist should require that his manager has been on many industry battlefields; and after having won those battles now brings a plethora of experiences and expertise to the decision-making table. To simply employ someone that you know and trust is not a strategic decision. It's a last resort."