Successful relationships between creators and their respective managers and career strategists are as different as the parties that enter into them. It would be quite impossible to demonstrably describe or diagram relationship commonalities in broad strokes.  At mthree, we believe that there are eight fundamental roles at minimum that every career or organizational strategist should be equipped to play on behalf of the creators they represent. In no particular order, those roles are:  1.  Growth Advisor  2.  Unwavering Advocate  3.  Business Skills Mentor  4.  Effective Spokesperson  5. Trusted Confidant  6.  Efficient Facilitator  7.  Chief Strategist 8.  Relationship Broker


Capability M1: Creator Career Management

Our burgeoning roster of signed artists is the foundation from which Martin Artist Management grew into what is now mthree. A smaller, boutique style approach to a management roster means our growth focus is always on our clients, not on our own. Our roster reflects diversity in such a way that no roster client will ever directly compete for opportunities in the marketplace against another. Further, building sustainable careers is the mthree core competency, and we achieve that goal through collaboration and partnerships with other outside co-managers, organizations, and teams of highly regarded specialists. Our very own Creator Career Strategy Podcasts will be broadcast monthly beginning Summer 2019.


Capability M2: Music Organization Strategy

If music and art is the heartbeat of your corporation or non-profit, chances are mthree has already created effective strategic development formulas for a similar pursuit. Music labels, performance venues, publishing companies, producers, and yes, even other music management entities and their artists have consulted mthree’s team lead, Wayne Martin, on intensely focused micro project goals as well as sky-view macro organizational development and marketing. Whether short-term or long-term, stand-alone or with mthree preferred partners, organizational strategy development makes up a significant percentage of mthree’s contracted services.


Capability M3: Performance & Event Development

Although mthree is not a licensed booking agency we now offer two performance-specific services: First, for artists who are not signed to the roster at mthree, both one-on-one performance coaching and group coaching seminars thought by mthree’s founder and principal will debut in New York City in the Fall of this year, with Los Angeles events following in 2020. Secondly, a very exciting and highly marketable large-scale conceptual performance tour is scheduled to debut in Europe in 2021.