M1: Music Artist Management

Our burgeoning roster of signed artists is the foundation from which Martin Artist Management grew into what is now mthree. A smaller, boutique style approach to a management roster means we nurture the uninitiated regardless of genre. In this scenario, the commonality becomes development and diversity in such a way that no roster client will ever directly compete in the marketplace against another. Further, building sustainable careers is an mthree core competency with or without collaboration with existing outside co-managers.


M2: Music Organization Strategy

If music is the heartbeat of your business or non-profit, chances are mthree has already created effective strategic development formulas for a similar pursuit. Recording companies, venues, publishing companies, producers, performance ensembles, and yes even other music management entities and their artists have consulted mthree’s team lead, R. Wayne Martin, on micro project goals or on macro organizational development and marketing. Whether short-term or long-term, stand-alone or with mthree preferred partners, organizational strategy commitments make up almost half of the mthree annual agenda.


M3: Music Event Development

Music events are the newest offering from mthree. The first large scale event roll out is slated for western Europe and will involve many musicians performing in several markets throughout 2020 and beyond. Until then, we now facilitate smaller-scaled North American events with our trusted associates and partners. While we are not a booking agency or talent buyers who create music festivals, for example, we can and do develop mission critical music events for our roster of management clients and for the organizations and artists we consult.